Tell me if this burner is any good

Hello all. I got the CompUSA special deal. It is a Norwood Micro Dual layer DVD burner. Cost $59 with $40 in rebates. So on the bottom of the drive it says "Manufactured by BenQ corporation for Phillips and BenQ Didgital Storage Corp. Model no. is DW1650 No: 294
So let me know if this thing will last!!! :doh:

Also I am in the market for another DVD burner, but I was interested in getting one with LightScribe Tech, can you guys recommend one for me. Or should I steer clear of LightScribe? :confused:

You have a rebadget Benq 1650, wonderful drive. If it not already has a BenQ firmware, you should be able to flash one with the BQ Flasher. I recoment BCDC, although the newest one is BCIC. Burn with max. 12 x and everything will be ok.

Lightshit in my opinion is a useless thing, to slow, to bad quality, to expensive. Get a Canon printer and much cheaper printable discs you will be much more happy. It is much quicker, cheaper and much better printing quality. But of course thats all a matter of taste. The LG H22L seem to be a very nice burner, I like my LH-18A1H too.


[B]BurningFish[/B] is absolutely right for the labelling philosophy. Get a Canon printer instead of lightscribe. It’s really briliant result and bloody cheap to run. It printed over 500 disc before it run out of the first tank of the 5 inks.

In the US, we can’t get Canon drives that print on CD’s. Only Epson and I think one HP model now.

I like Lightscribe for CD’s but not for DVD’s (too fuzzy)

Can you tell me the model number on that Canon DVD label printer? Maybe I can find one on the web or ebay!!!

The one I’ve got is PIXMA iP5000, it’s now up to PIXMA iP5300 which is even more better in term of colour and ink durable. PIXMA iP5300 has got the ChromaLife100 which means ink for beautiful & long-lasting photos. Only iP5xxx has got the 1 picolitre FINE print-head technology, ie if you placed a 1-picolitre droplet every millimetre along a straight line, you would get [B]24 times around the circumference of the Earth[/B] before you had used up a litre of ink.

With this printer you don’t even have to worry about ink cartridge dry up or print head cloaked even if you don’t use it for half or one year unless you place it under direct sun light. It’s really amazing or 100x better when comparing to my old best Canon BJC-7000 in the old days.

I really, really wish we in the US could buy the Canon printers that print on CD’s and DVD’s. With the new AquaGuard disks out, I’d like to try it. But I have owned 2 epson ink jets and I don’t want to buy another one.

My old Canon i865 can also print on discs, but it doesn’t work good, because it’s like it can’t see the disc or whatever, maybe I should return the cartridge? Was way to much work atleast.

Anyway a lot of canon printers can print on discs, and original ink is cheap, third part ink is even cheaper.

Original ink last a lot longer than the third part ink. You will forget about it with any one you use.

I printed a lot of discs with my Epson R200 and recently upgraded to R340. I’ve been quite happy with the printers; what advantages do the Canon printers have?

Fresher & brighter colour and the prints last about 100 years. Ink tank last a lot longer and the printer head won’t clog easily like other printers even if you don’t use it for half a year or one year or more, etc.