Tell me if i'm allowed to do this



This is about the forums and stuff…
Is talking about a movie that you rented for $4 and making a backup of it on your computer not allowed on CDFreaks?
i’ve always been wanting to know if it’s allowed because i would have a lot to ask and tell…

please tell me if this is rule


no because that’s illegal. Although if you leave out the rented part and just ask how to back up XX dvd you will get help just don’t mention that it’s rented or anything else illegal :wink:


oh… damn i’ll take your advice… but i did that b4 and my thread got closed, i think that’s what happened, is it illegeal to download a movie from a website for money?


that depends if that website has permission to sell those movies or not obviously


Thread closure time.

This circus has gone on long enough.

It is illegal to make “backups” of copy protected, copyrighted content that your do not own.
If a website has SOLD you copyrighted content that it does not have the legal rights, you can query the MPAA regarding the status of this sites status & I’m sure they’ll be interested.


Have a read of this timbit2006


Since an answer has been given, and timbit2006 is aware of forum rules, I don’t see much point in this thread remaining open. :wink:

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