Tell me about tv in / tv out card

I just got dazzle with pinnacle studio and can’t get the darn thing to work. The output files for video cap are 0 kb.

I want to transfer the contents of video tape to dvd
I have nero.
Can I hook a vcr to a tv in /tv out card using coaxial cable and accomplish this using nero?

I really want to return the dazzle.

Took them over 2 hours to tell me that my problem is usb 1.1 even tho I told them at the beginning that I have 1.1 not 2.0.

I’m not really in to this, but I know most TV-cards (Hauppauge, All-in-Wonders, etc…) can double as a capture card. Dazzle probably has a PCI version of the USB unit you got as well, to get around the USB 1.1 problem.

If you are trying to transfer a commercially made vhs tape to your pc, you’ll run into some problems with Macrovision protection. I would recommend getting a Hauppauge tv card to capture with, since they seem to ignore macrovision interference. The PVR 250 is often recommended, but the 150 is much less expensive.

Even if you are using home-made videos, the Hauppauge cards would be good choices. You will probably have to use composite or s-video + analog sound connections to transfer the video.

And you can use Nero with them, or the software that comes with the card.

MelissaR: I have used an ATI capture card and I set-up an ATI USB 2.0 for a friend. I’ve also looked at a number of other products (Hauppauge is also very good). While Pinnacle does have some nice products, by far, the worst is their Dazzle product line. If for no other reason, they drop an unacceptably large percent of frames. That is, the playback is choppy when it should be smooth. I’d get my money back as soon as the store opens.