Tell me about this scan:


NEC2500a burned at 2x

This is supposed to be top quality stuff…the scans
don’t look that great!

Thanks for looking!

Looks like a great scan to me! But it looks like you didn’t burn the entire disk so we can’t just assume that it will maintain those error rates for the whole disk. Chances are they will stay the same tho. I wish my scans looked like that for my 2500 :frowning:

There is no problem with that Scan whatsoever. Granted, it’s not the best scan around, but it is extremly far away from the worst scan around, and it is very well within what is considered acceptable standards.

If you had an Average of 100 PI or so, then I’d call it an average scan, with 15 average, that’s just excellent, one rank below perfect, IMHO.

PO errors are perfect.