If you were to pick a type of new comedy television show would you rather a Claymation Animation Cartoon, a Computer Generated Cartoon or an Actual Comedy show featuring actors and actresses?


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As for an answer, I’ve had no love for claymation since I was young and had to sit through Gumby. (though the Mr. Bill skits on the original SNL were hilarious).

Comedy thrives on good writing and it is hard to maintain a high standard over time. There have some good animated series, like South Park, but in general I prefer live actors.


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I prefer live actors . Try the Blue Collar Comedy series with Ron “Tater salad” White , Bill Engval , Larry the Cable Guy , & Jeff Foxworthy.
If not that I like regular animation. I like King of the Hill for example.
Even if I’ve seen a Looney Toons feature several times they still make me laugh.


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