Im about to buy a Telefunken DVD Recorder after having my ALDI brand $200AU Tevion DVD Recorder die on me after six months of use.

I got my money back but I cant afford to pay double the price for a Pioneer, JVC, Sony so Im hoping the Telefunken brand ($250AU) has a better reputation than ALDI brand Tevion.

OK to go Telefunken?

How much to the lite-on’s go for in AUSSIE land? They are descent.

I am happy with our Lite-on 5005 stand alone… it is stand alone’s you are looking for right?

Such a standalone (Telefunken) is another cheap to the masses “crap”.
It wiil not work or last long, IMHO.

Hi xtacydima, I was actually after a stand alone DVD recorder not the one that goes in to the computer bay.

Chef, Hi. is it better than Tevion at least? I thouht Telefunken was OK?

Telefunken, old german brand, long time ago they were inventors…

It#s like with other brand names… Someone bought the name and will now make money selling “mostly crap” devices under that name. Same with commodore etc.

Maybe you can find some info at - I think it’s cheap stuff and will not last long. :frowning:

Tevion is sold by ALDI here. You won’t never know what you get.

Again, best would be to check some comments/info on
There must be something useful to find out for you. :wink:

Telefunken here once was a more prominent name than Sony or Sanyo. Actually, anything with a German-sounding name. :slight_smile:

OK then, sounds like Im getting a bad deal even for the extra fifty.

thanks Chef & Kenshin, I will try and haggle a price down for a big brand name like JVC, Panasonic, Sony etc.


Do you have a JB HI-FI near you? If so head in there they have the Lite-ons at a decent price as well as many other decent brands.

hi slayerking, yes i do have a JB near me. does Lite-On make stand alone Digital Video Recorders?

Im not after the one that fits in the computer. Im after the one that plugs into the TV.

yes thats why I said it

In most cases you get what you pay for and it’s mostly true for DVD Recorders.

Probably this thread should be moved to the standalones recorder subsection?!

Yup, that’s so true.
There wer many of them, all went into the bin: Nordmende, Grundig, Loewe (partially), etc. etc.

Someone “bought” the brands name and tries to sell it’s crap these times… sad story.

thanks all for informing me on that in not making the wrong choice again.

do you guys think Lite-On would be a better choice than some bigger names like Panasonic, JVC, Sony, LG, Phillips? since AFAIK in the PC world other brands buy and rebadge Lite-On so they could be a better choice maybe?

Lite-On’s are about $50AU cheaper than the big boys going price of $400.

Why don’t you visit DVD Recorder forum?





None for LG or JVC or Sony yet.

thanks Kenshin, im actually going for the model xtacydima suggested in the first place. i just asumed it was for PC when it said LITE-ON!

Im getting the LITE-ON 5005 for $228!!! :sunglasses: Thats $28 more for what I got back from my Tevion refund and all the review and users rave about it since they sell to the big other brands like Sony and rebadge.

this is a sweet breeze… :sunglasses: