Tele Atlas Navi CD DX series

I am trying to make a backup of my Blaupunkt Travel pilot DX 2005/2006 CD.

So far with no succes, I have read some of the ealier posts about how to do it. The problem is that you cant buy the Plextor Premium drive anymore (now it is version 2) :confused:

I have tried with a Plextor PX-W4012TU and CloneCD and ALC120% in the saferom 2/3 mode on Verbatin Super AZO crystal.

I think my problem is the burner. Can someone help me out with exatly what burner I need to get.

Thanks in advance,

It works also with Nero, but first you have to copy all the content of the CD to your harddisk using Norton Comander, than to the CD. Nero and other cd burning tools can’t “see” and copy a “.sys” file, named “config”. I’ve made a backup for my cd, and it works.