Teens grounded by manners, not by looks

Police were called in to escort these two 18-year-olds off a Tampa-to-Los Angeles flight operated by Southwest Airlines this past Valentine’s Day. The duo had caused an in-flight disruption. And these days, when that happens, airlines and law enforcement officials don’t mess around.


I am willing to bet this was staged so they could get publicity. Next they will be on late night TV then wanting to be in movies.

Oh man. I’m glad I’m not in the USA for the reign of the next generation :wink:

But then again … Oz has Cory … the bald chested party moron … although somehow the worlds forgotten about him already … and he can sink back into the cesspit where he belongs. Good Riddance.

The thing is that with all the bad things our youth are doing here all in all most are at least in my mind better than my generation was. It just that the bad apples are the ones you see on the ground like these two.

I suspect you don’t get an opportunity to see what all the fledglings are up to these days.

They are more vicious … but it’s more underground now.

Some young uns are still innocent and naive though :wink: