Teenager arrested for late DVD rental

Anyone who was late with a DVD rental has already experienced what it is like paying the late return fee or trying coming up with an excuse to not pay it. So what happens if you are really go over due?

A Littleton resident from Colorado rented the DVD House of Flying Daggers and accidentally took it with when he moved house. A few months later, he was pulled over and arrested for failing to appear in court over the DVD he failed to return, which resulted in a warrant for his arrest being issued.

Maybe it’s time to check if there’s a DVD rental still lying on/in the player. :eek:

This just stupid stupid stupid. They do not have enough jails for the people who are really bad but they put him in jail anyway. I think this was more to with the 460 dollars the city made off of it.


Littleton has a $30 threshold when it comes to overdue property. If a DVD or book is worth less than this, they won’t go to extensive means to get it back. But, considering House of Flying Daggers was valued at $31.45, the City really wanted to get it back


I wonder what would happen if they would set the treshold at $0.01