Tecra 8200 & 9000 can't recognise at bootup the NEC ND-6500a & 6750A

How can I get the NEC ND-6500a & 6750A DVD-RW recognised at bootup using Tecra 8200 & Tecra 9000 computers.

the tecra 8200 and 9000 have:

2 IDE channels

the hard drive runs off the Primary IDE channel and is configured by default as Master with DMA on

The secondary IDE channel is where all cd or dvd drives are located.

the CD/RW drive that came with each machine is recognised on the secondary channel as Master with DMA on by default

The problem with NEC drive 6500a and 6750a installed in a tecra 8200 or 9000
is one of recognition.

neither drive will be recognised by either computer at boot up. and in the 9000 both drives cause at boot up an error message… …IDE #1 error
in the 8200 both drives will not cause the error message but then they are not recognised either.

once either computer boots into (windows xp pro #2) i can make the machine find the drives by removing and plugging them back in. the 9000 will find either drive automatically after doing this procedure…the 8200 requires i open the add hardware feature and force it to go searching.

once either drive is discovered in both machines they are recognised and read and write just fine…IN PIO mode only… : : :doh:

they setup in the secondary IDE channel as a Slave not as a master and to add insult DMA is not on and can’t be made to go on …they run in PIO mode

the firmware in the 6500a drive is 2.N0 and the firmware in the 6750a drive is 2.01.

my question to anyone out there is this. is there a way to get both of these drives to become bootup recognizable.

i do not have a desktop computer so after reading the ATA reversal method on Liggys site it won’t work for me.

Wrong firmwares to work properly, maybe they would need 4.xx firmwares.

Please read some related threads carefully.

Try to get help from someone who has a PC with usual IDE drives as this is the only reliable method of making your drives work in your laptop.