Technology mayhem: CDDA-RW TOC refers to previous music!

Because I am a passionate technology maniac, I have done this:

  • Burn music onto a CD-RW. (for curious readers: it was a HS-RW ×10).
  • Second pass: Burn different music; using LiteOn eTAU108.
  • eTAU108 tray can only manually be opened, because it is a ceiling cover like portable boonboxes and discmen have.
  • Opened tray during second pass burn. Burning aborted.
  • TOC of second burn now refers to remains from 1st burn (not overwritten).

Result: There is an instant transition between the second and the first music!

  • CD players that rely on subcode heavily now directly read track and time and adjust it. The time display jumps.*

DVD players probably count the number of sectors and calculate the playback time by knowing the TOC and current sectie.

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