Technology is movies' angel, but record industry's devil



I just posted the article Technology is movies’ angel, but record industry’s devil.

The has an article that pretty much describes the current entertaiment industry. While there are a lot of people are buying games and DVDs there are less and less people to buy CDs…

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Call me stupid, but I thought sales and development was driven by consumer demand, ie you DO listen to consumer gripes if you wanna sell. But I guess if I had a million plus salary a year and a golden parachute, I would develope the “fuck you ,I’m ok attitude” so many big business gurus have…:7


The way that I look at is it, if I have $20 to spend and the choice between buying a CD and a DVD I’m buying the DVD. More hours of entertainment from a DVD then a CD. Maybe the music industry will wake up and quit using the Internet as their scapegoat. They need realize that their old school marketing techniques won’t work in the Internet age.


How come there wasn’t this much bitching and whining when blank recordable cassette tapes were made? People recorded music off the radio and the RIAA didn’t do jack shit compared to whats going on now…I think its time for them to release something better than CD’s…possibly DVD’s that dont have multiple music tracks, but multiple albums by the same artist on it. That would be sweet…I’d buy that for $20 bux.


I went in my local shop today and saw loads of CDs for £20, what the hell are they thinking?who in their right mind buys cd’s for this price?I agree, i would sooner purchase a DVD for the better quality and extras. I think that music cd’s, come to think of it, every cd, should be reduced to about £4, and there will be more profit rather than selling then for £20 and wondering why no cd’s are being sold!!!


It’s a lame. These guys at the RIAA have no idea of what is Internet and forgotten all the freaking basic rules of marketing. I don’t have the link right know, but it’s been proven that people downloading mp3 from the internet ARE actually buying more CDs. As I did: I didn’t know what Nightwish was, and I’ve downloaded a couple of Mp3…The next day I commanded the 3 CDs at HMV. It’s a really naive way to think that everyone make whole CD’s from MP3. It’s only a very few %. For myself, if in a whole CD I only like one tune, do you really think I’ll buy a 20$ CD only for that tune? you are dreaming. I’m considering MP3 as advertising. And it’s a fact: It’s not by rising prices that they are gonna sell more CDs. But hey, maybe they are doing this just to favour piracy and get their stupid anti-human rights law passed in the congress. You can’t imagine how much this is annoying me because of its stupidity.


This article has got me thinking. It may have a very good point. Another cause could be that New music sucks and most people already own most of the old shit they like. THis might also be a factor. What is the actual percentage of people with computers and broadband? I mean sure i have over 100 gigs of mp3s on my computer but does the average Joe even know how to get all/any music he wants? p2p cant really provide this. I’d just like to see some good numbers. I’d like to see demographical data of who was buying what say back in 1980, 85, 90, 95-Present. Couple that with the proliferation, or lack there of, of broadband, and throw in some actual numbers of how many people use p2p and how many files are actually downloaded. A complete statistical picture is needed so we can stick the real numbers up RIAA’s ass :7