Technisat SkyStar HD 2 1.1 Driver

Software-Version 1.1

List of new features

[li]Support for new hardware revisions
[/li][li]Added RC5 protocol to built-in IR receiver (SkyStar HD 2 and CableStar HD 2 PCI cards with 2.5 mm jack only)
[/li][li]Updated channel and transponder data

List of bugfixes

[li]Solved issue with missing EPG data in DVBViewer TE
[/li][li]Solved issue with remote control selection in DVBViewer TE
[/li][li]Solved issue with PVR function
[/li][li]Solved issue with software installer in combination with Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1

WHY not downloading from the official site???

hi there, can s.b. plz send me this driver? technisat isnt able to give old driver to its customers :frowning:

send it plz to [edited out]. Thanks!

Welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

Is there any reason you need the older driver over v1.2?

According to their page, a bug with DVBViewer showed up in v1.1, so if this is the problem you’re getting, you can try the workaround. It’s quite likely this workaround will still work fine if you’re using v1.2 drivers, so it’s worth a try.

The wordaround and v1.2 drivers can be downloaded here.

If you’re using DVB Viewer and still have an issue, go into the Setup menu -> Options, then Hardware tab and click ‘Scan Devices’. Then click ‘OK’ and hopefully it will have detected the new driver.

thank you very very match