Technics DVD-A10 DVD/Audio player

I have a Technics DVD-A10 DVD/Audio player. I backup my daughters (6 year old) movies so they don’t get scratched up. If I play them on the Technics, somewhere near the end of the movie maybe with 10-15 minutes left I get 1 or 2 minutes of pixelation and then it plays fine. If I play them on the $50.00 Toshiba in the bedroom they play fine. The Technics is a few years old but it was a high end player at the time. Anyone have aby ideas???
P.S. It does not matter if I use Memorex or Verbatim discs…

Clean the Technics and avoid MEmorex!

What is the preferred method for cleaning a DVD player.

Easy method is to use a DRY dvd lens cleaner.
Best method is to open it up and clean it by hand with Isopropanol (or demineralized water) and a qtip.

Thanks Chef. I got her cleaned and it seeme to play fine now…