Technical question regarding Solidburn

I know what the answer should be, but… Since Solidburn is a firmware based solution, it should be OS neutral. Therefore, if a user has a dual boot setup, it should not matter which OS he boots from and burns from…the Solidburn technology should carry over from one OS to the other. If so, it’s a pretty darn impressive technology to cram into a less than 1MB firmware.

My question is, has anyone actually tested this theory? Any evidence to support it? General thoughts?

Hi :slight_smile:
As you suspect the drive will retain/show via QSuite the very same in Windows 98/se/Me/XPHome/XP/2000. Not does this apply to mutli bootable pcs. But to different pcs.

Technical question regarding Solidburn
Big question indeed, Hurricane Andrew.

Technologies like SolidBurn (or Litey’s Online Hyper Tuning) are not OS dependable (as already somewhat explained by zebadee) because they don’t work with help from OS’s. We are talking about micro processors here and they use complete different languages.
Remember, QSuite as mentioned by zebadee, Nero, and Nero CD-DVD Speed are only command and “visualizing” tools, that SolidBurn well can function without.

And SolidBurn technology doesn’t need “1MB in size”. Let’s say less then 1/1000 of about that is needed (in firmware) for parameters governing this function. It’s the micro processors in Philips Nexperia chipset that actually does the SolidBurn magic. :wink: