Technical question about this drive SH-B123L/BSBP

hello everyone ! im about to buy a new bluray combo unit and in the online shope the cheapest unit is this one

but i happens to be also the fastest one ! atleast on the specs. reading also on some reviews it is pretty fast ( 6x) but my main concern is the following : i will use mainly the blu ray reader to basically rip bluray with anydvd hd and encode them to be played on my xbox… i was unaware but a friend of mine claimed that all readers are locked to 2 x speed when ripping movies bluray and only lg readers can be unlocked… by doing some researches i found that this is not true but i wanted to be sure : will my drive be fast at ripping the bluray disks? i dont want faster than light but an average of 4 -5 x is fine for me … just i dont want it to be locked at 2 x ! do let me know please and regards !

no one can help me ??

[QUOTE=barats;2651584]no one can help me ??[/QUOTE]

Yes, CVS has answered that question here. The Samsung is riplocked with no means to change that yet, and will rip discs slower than a 10x+ Lite-on, Pioneer, or LG with riplock removed. Sorry. Someone on another forum mentioned it is approximately 40% slower than an LG, for instance.

It is not true that all drives are speed locked when ripping movies. Only LG and Samsung.

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thanks for welcoming… but as i seen already those 2 reviews linked on the inked thread i saw that the reader has hardware limit rather than being riplocked… so it will rip At 6x PEAK speed am i right (rather than 12 peak read speep by specs )?

The riplock in the LG and Samsung drives is in the firmware. Not hardware. The Samsung should rip a BD-ROM at it’s rated speed if the firmware does not see any copy protection on the disc, just like the LG. However, the tests I’ve seen with it seem only to reach 8x max.

As far as I have seen, you are correct that you should not expect better than 6x ripping with commercial movie discs, perhaps slower.