Technical question about Momentus XT 500 GB and aligning



Dee and the other folks here are VERY knowledgeable !!

Could you all drop in at
and share of your wisdom? I think you would be helping lots of not-so-smart not-so-tech folks with an issue on the Seagate Momentus XT hybrid SSD + HDD 500 GB, which Dee so wonderfully reviewed.

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The SSD part of the Momentus XT is hidden from the uses and you have no access to it. The SSD part should be aligned before it leaves the factory.
The HDD part you can of course access, but alignment on an HDD should not have any noticeable difference in its performance on this class of HDD.

If you want to align the HDD part, you can follow the instructions on “partition alignment” in the SSD FAQ [B]here[/B].

You have to delete the partition first which means all data is gone.


I wonder why do you post that here.

You got all the answers already on the Seagate forum.
If you don’t understand these procedures then rewriting all that here will give nothing either.