Technical manual?


Having read the CloneCD FAQ on the CDFreaks site, i was wondering if there was any chance of a technical manual being written? Something that could explain how many of the features work (such as RAW-DAO and fast error-skipping etc) and how these features affect the CD copying. Anyone?

Thank you,

Well the manual on the CD Freaks site is for newby’s only. I’m working on a full manual explaining terms like DAO-RAW, SubChannel Data and that sort of thing. For now here’s a very simple explanation:

DAO-RAW: This means writing of uncorrected data. Errors will not be repaired.

SubChannel Data: There are 2 kinds: 16 bytes and 96 bytes. 16 bytes type is used to store digital ID’s found for instance in the SecuROM protection and LaserLock. 96 bytes SubChannel Data is used in the PlayStation (LibCrypt) protection and CD’s that use CD-text like karaoke.

Fast Error Skip: Some protections like SafeDisc have about 10.000 errors on them in the first 5% of the disc. These errors must be present on the copy or else the copy will not work. The problem is that reading these sectors will normally take a long time because the reader keeps re-reading them. With Fast Error Skip enabled errors are quickly skipped so that reading is a lot faster.

Like I said a little simple but it answers your question.