Technical Help Needed

First of all, let me thank everyone on the forum for all the insight.
I have been reading threads for about a week.
I will be new to the DVD writing world but I have made a decision (tentatively)
I am an engineer although it is not in the electrical field, hence I have fallen dependent on our internal IT guys for my computer support, and thus dont poses a lot yet.

I beleive that I have settled on the NEC 2510a, Nero, and some sort of ripper in the future, probably Clone 2. I did not plan to use any of the included software, have read terrible things about roxio. Therefor the plan was to just plunk down for the full blown Nero right away.

All of this typing and finally a question…

If I buy the typical available oem version of the 2510 (just the drive), do I need any special cables etc. and is the hookup process difficult.

I did consider the external version but dont really have a need for it other than to simply connection process.

My main uses will be to create videos of existing clips and pictures for relatives. Some dvd backup in the future. I am not overally money strapped so I dont have a problem spending a little extra on quality media, and therefore the Liteon 823 was second choice due to the built in bit setup features (and being scared of hacked firmware initially, but after reading and understaning all the support on this forum, think I can first learn, and then help others). May consider Liteon in addition to 2510 in future.

Thanks in advance for the help

Sorry all,
Have done some searching and found some tentative answers.

Looks like I will need an 80 way IDE cable and a power cable or adaptor.

Will also need to figure out Master slave etc.

Sorry of a duplicat post but any other advice will be helpful.

yes, you will need an ide 80 pin 133 udma cable and depending on the drive setup in your pc, change the little jumper on the back to master/slave.