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Hey guyz, its me again with another long winded question or query even!

I really would appreciate as much feed back on this as possible & any suggestion’s you may have. Before I dive in, my first theory to this is Hardware based, rather than Software, but I’ll let you decide for that, as this is what its all about…
…So let me begin… (Oh No… LoL)

OK, well I don’t actually own my own desktop, as I have so many of my friends and family that do, so playing new games isn’t a big issue as there all have good enough machines and using the DC, PSX & PSX2 is good enough or better even.

Anywho, I currently use a ‘DELL Latitude CPi A Laptop’. Its only a PII running @ 450Mhz with again only a 6gig hardisk and 256megs of mem. I will say before I explain the problem, that I have owned a few laptops in my time, such as various iBM Thinkpadz & Sony Viao’z. Both I highly recommend & as for the Dell laptops, so far they suck the sweat off a dead elephants ballz.
Yep, its not a great machine, but even though badly designed, it performs well.

Using this thing for about 6 months now, going on 7, I have had a rather difficult time with the hardisk, or so I believe it to be the fault. Its abit complicated for me to explain in short, but I was also using a Sony 505 Viao at the time I got this Laptop & wasn’t to bothered with it at first, but after getting rid of the Viao, I had to make this one do everything and move all my much need data from the Viao to the Latitude (this machine).

Sorry if this is getting long, but I’am trying! Well, basically, to cut along story short (too late) the hardisk only a short time after the switch over, SEEMED to have died on me. I just wouldn’t boot up. All that it did was make a un-hardisk like sound of clicking… like it was lost of something, repeating retring to do something like bootup.

After taking the hardisk apart (iBM Travelstar 6gig) then cleaning it up and putting it back together, it seemed actually work!
The problem is, I find the machine slow, Mpeg and anything that streams, like Mp3 files, playing and recording very jumpy and scratchy. Like a very over used vinyl record.
OK the problem seems obvious, but I’m not sure if the machine ran like that before as I never got to use it much till the switch over, then it blow.

I just wanna know if anyone has had anything similar or know of this?! I have a ton load of software and drivers on this thing, all new and upto date, so I know its not that, but then again, anything is possible. The machine was designed for Windowz’98se, so just by that, I know the drivers are more advance than it was built for, as 90% of the files are beyond that date and all Audio files are of this month even, still giving me bad play back.

Please help if you can, I would just go out and buy myself a nice new HUGE hardisk, but being out work for a few months has left me a little thin in the pocket and wanna know before just spending all my beer’n’condom money, if you know what I mean! LoL

Thanks for your time & sorry again for the length.

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