Technical explaination of PS2 original DVD authentication requested

Hello, I am new to the cdfreaks forums; however, after reading various threads I’ve decided I would like to pick the brains of the cdfreaks community.
Can someone please explain the technical details of how Ps2 DVD authentication works in the console. So far all the information google has been able to yield is that there is a section of intentional bad sectors on an original Ps2 DVD. What I would like to know is:

  1. Does anyone know more information about how it actually works in a technical sense?
  2. Has anyone come up with a way to physically modify a DVD-burner to defeat said authentication?
    and 3) Why not?
    I have already done the Independance MC exploit, installed a hard drive, and done HDLoader. I am simply not satisfied with current state of mod-chipless Ps2 hacks and would like to know if something better is possible if one were to have WAY too much time on their hands. Thanks.

It is not anything to do with bad sectors, there aren’t any on PS2 discs.

The protection of the disc can not be reproduced with a normal DVD burner, you need a CD/DVD mastering facility with some modifications.

Other than that I can’t tell you anything, its all ip, maybe one day when PS2 no longer sells.

I have one more question. Why is it that the manufactures of HDAdvance which is an almost exact copy of HDLoader ( are able to make their DVD bootable when it is obvious Sony did not supply them with equipment to do so as Sony has called both not supported and illegal?

Apart from discs made by Datel, all non-Sony made bootable PS2 discs use a method of “growing” and “splicing” stampers from an original Playstation 2 disc. A method of growing a stamper from an original PS2 CD and joining a new stamper with the program data on to it; in essence, the resultant discs contain a portion of an original disc, the portion containing the protection.

Datel, the first company outside Sony to make a bootable Playstation 2 CD (first by over a year - could have been over 2…) actually researched the protection and produce their own discs with protection in at their on site mastering facility.

you need a very detailed understanding of EFM and how to extract this correctly. The protection part of the disc is read and handled by the mechachon / firmware of the console.

Theres other cool stuff on the PS2 like network port, on board serial debug port which havn’t really been exploited i would think that would be more fun.