Tech sales okay; consumers wait for Cyber Monday



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A struggling U.S. economy was given a strong boost after solid Black Friday sales, where shoppers braved long lines and cold weather to spend money during a rather uncertain financial era.

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I think 99 dollars is the magic price point to sell these Bluray players. I bet we see them in the coming months. I already saw 128. First, will be the older profiles, to clear them out and finally the newer units.

Bluray movies are going to drop a lot as well- probably to the same price as DVD. You can already get BR movies at decent prices, some with digital copies added. Amazon is really pushing BR movies as hard as they can.


I initially believed having the higher-end Blu-ray players at $149 would help sell them, but it does seem that consumers are willing to wait until $99. Many consumers see that Blu-ray is in dire straits at the moment, and know it’s only a matter of time before another price cut takes place.

I wonder if anything significant will take place before or during CES in January.

A quick trip to Best Buy and Circuit City on Black Friday revealed some amazing prices for Blu-ray prices. It seems that unless the movies are on sale, B&M retailers still have Blu-ray discs priced a bit higher than DVDs, but I hope prices will drop on both physical formats in the future.

I like the ability to have streaming content through Netflix or another service with a Blu-ray player.


I think $9.99 is the price point for Blu-Ray. I mean for the discs, not the player. And so you know - I make videos for a good part of my living, and not one customer has yet requested a video on Blu-Ray. Not exactly sweeping the market. Most people really don’t see enough added clarity to care.


over here, in the uk, we buy dvd’s for about £9.99 for chart dvd’s, so i think £15-£17 is fair enough for the price of blurays. it will get better, coz for a start, you can’t buy a crt tv anymore for love nor money. secondly not everyone will embrace digital movie downloads over here for years. might have something to do with the fact we have 16mb over here tops!


I think manufacturers will have to include at least two or three free movies AND drop the prices substantially below $100.00 (maybe $75) to get the average consumer to buy bluray. Everyone I know (without exception) says they don’t see the benefit in upgrading from DVD to bluray, and they don’t plan to do so. There’s no incentive.


I forgot to comment on the statement “The entire sales for Black Friday totaled $10.6 billion – even though it’s not as high as sales last year, it still surpassed analyst expectations.” Every other news report I’ve seen/heard (even the doom and gloom guys) said Black Friday sales were up three percent from last year. Where did this “not as hight as last year” come from?


Black Friday is a scam these days. I noticed for the last couple of years the stores start marking up the prices months leading to that day. Then they lower the prices close to where the prices were in the first place for their ‘Special’ sale. People are waiting in line for hours before the stores open just to be proven they are suckers for the stores ‘scam sales’. LOL

I heard about this 3 years ago, and I didn’t believe it. So for the past 2 years I have kept close tabs on the prices of electronics, because my nest egg is trying to burn a hole in my pocket. As I was watching prices all year, I came to the conclusion that stores play the sales game. They are good at fooling their customers and and make them come back for seconds.

The funny thing is you can cut out the middle man and shop online, and still beat the stores special sales prices all year long after you pay for shipping.

Perhaps people like to walk into a crowded store, elbow to elbow, babies screaming, women running over your heal with their shopping carts, people putting their hands on your arm to move you aside , another baby screaming their head off for 10 minutes, lady just slammed you with another shopping cart, kid just ran into you full speed, a mother just put their kid aside in the isle to spank the crap out of them…just to have the kid start screaming to its maximum abonoxious noise. Then you go to check out, you walk up and down the isle to try to find the fastest check out line. Then you accept the fact that it is going to take at least 35-60 minutes to check out. Your already mad, pissed, Irate, and perhaps bruised. The last thing you need is to listen to another kid screaming (WHAAAAAAA!) at the top of his lungs, listen to people talking about the stupidest subjects, have the cashier go on speaker saying ‘Price check’ which delays the experience even more, and then have those customers a head of you unorganized to the point they are digging for their damn check book or their secret cash stash that they can’t seem to find.


Blu-ray is going nowhere fast. Every time I walk into a major electronic retailer I see no one buying any Blu-ray titles. Not one person and I go quite frequently during the week. There is absolutely no incentive to buy Blu-ray titles as most people don’t give a damn about HD. It’s all about the content, and for that, DVD is fine.


I just read on the Internet that Microsoft is claiming the XBox360 outsold the POS3 by 3to1 on Black Friday…BR is in big trouble, it has no attraction to the consumer and has gotten a bad name. Its DRM diguised as an upgrade.


"I just read on the Internet"
First thing that line alone made me laugh real hard.

“that Microsoft is claiming the XBox360 outsold the POS3 by 3to1 on Black Friday…BR is in big trouble, it has no attraction to the consumer and has gotten a bad name. Its DRM diguised as an upgrade.”

Uh there was no incentive this black friday to buy a PS3. They really didn’t provide any sales for it or had any special bundles like the Xbox 360. Mainly because it wasn’t the Blu-Ray product to buy this past Friday. The stand-alone unit for $130 was. Also your comparing apples to oranges cause Xbox 360 is not a high definition movie distribution format. So if there are more people buying a PS3 it’s always a plus for Blu Ray cause Xbox 360 is stuck with a dead format. More customers equal more sales and with Blu Ray movie sales making as much as they do then expect your dream to fade. There is no sign of “Big Trouble” especially now that the price of movies and players have gone down.


You are going to the wrong shops then my friend cause even Wal-mart gets a good amount of Blu Ray sales. Also when I go to Fry’s Electronics there is always someone in the Blu Ray aisle looking for something (unless the place is completely dead). Best Buy has high prices so you can’t expect them to get much business in that area but considering that it keeps growing and growing they must be making money off it somewhere.


Time will tell…