Tech giants push MPEG-4 standard



I just posted the article Tech giants push MPEG-4 standard.

A great range of big companies has got together and made a new MPEG-4 standard.
The companies are as follows: Apple, Sun, IBM, Cisco og Philips. As you can see, some of those companies have some…

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Zyron, can you please tell me WHY it is a “good thing” that Microsoft and Real are not part of this alliance? This anti-Microsoft attitude sucks! If you don’t like it, don’t use it…but only criticise it when you can make something much better. So can you?!? :wink:


Because Real and MS have the reputation to use new technologies for their own info-gathering advantage. Known from Real spy-ware, and for Ms you have already enough evidence that it uses every opportunity to gather info


Well it’s very simple my friend. I use Linux. And have some partition space for Games and Windows.


So microsoft is making something better than Linux?, since they too often criticeses Linux for it’s licensing scheme (the open source scheme)… I don’t think so pal!


You can’t compare Linux to Windows on desktop systems (yet) Linux has at this moment not the name to be user friendly, so that will scare most average users. Besides that the average computer user uses Windows, so if he wants to share a game, software of file, he needs Windows. On the server side it’s a different game, there I think Linux rulez !


I fully agree with Zyron about it being a good thing that real and MS are not included. Both of them are totally greedy and would never release an open source product that the general user could use and include in projects etc. for free. Also, anyone here got a non super spec computer? If so, u ever tried using real player? U all must know how it totally brings your whole system to a sudden gut wrenching chugging slow down. WMP 7 does the same thing too. Not quite as badly though.


>which by the way is much more convenient than Microsofts media player, atleast in my opinion. How in any way is QUICKTIME more convenient? for one it streams like CRAP, and secondly, in IE it makes u open a new window and hogs system resources. It’s terrible. Windows MEdia player 6.4 is still king of all media players (7.0 however is crappy bloatware)