Tech giants pan anti-piracy mandate

I just posted the article Tech giants pan anti-piracy mandate.

Large companies such as Intel, IBM, Compaq and even Microsoft are trying to stop a plan that is heading to the US Congress. This plan should require every consumer electronic and PC manufacturer to…

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L@me move is the only thing i can say,The record and movie industrie getting more pathetic by the day in there quest to stop piracy(that never will be done).

Yea! What he said.

lame is right.

This is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever heard. How do they plan to implement this with the internet now allowing people to purchase hardware from abroad easily. And anyway, this is basically saying that everyone is guilty of pirating and must have the security. Talk about innocent until proven guilty. If this goes through it will be the most pathetic thing in american history.

what fucking annoys me is that ppl post on here moaning about how we are all so legitimate. I doubt very many of CDFreaks readers have or will be pirate free for the rest of their life. But back on topic, making it illegal… isn;t 99% of this crap illegal anyway?? and even if its not, anything ‘made illegal’ isnt exactly going to mean anything to the illegit out there. If they are already doing it, wtf shud they stop because of some law. I doubt it’s going to give them bad dreams or make them go crazy with guilt so that they are no longer ‘able’ to perform such piracy related action. pfftt, the industries behind law pushing truly are dumb. Atleast the Record Labels using Copy Protection are atleast having a go at something that might have some effect. Prevention of copying music is something that will not affect the mainstream. But for those small groups of friends who like to mix and match theirs CDs are going to end up going back to tapes, and im thinking there are a LOT of these little isolated circles… buh

How about while they are at it passing a law that forbids collusion so music companies can’t collude to keep CD prices artificially high. Wait, it already exists and they don’t enforce it hmm…