Tech giants back fair use bills - Fair rights for users

I just posted the article Tech giants back fair use bills - Fair rights for users.

Sylvain used our newssubmit to tell us that TheRegister is reporting that several large companies have said to support a bill to be announced by Congressman Rick Boucher. The United States who is…

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someone make Rick president or give him a raise at least!

Senator Boucher’s Bill Good, Senator Rollings’ Bill Bad Finally, someone who steps up to the plate and actually represents actual people instead of big corporations and associations. Best of luck to you Senator Boucher :4

I have obtained the contact information for Mr. Boucher. I have already contacted him thanking him for introducing the legislation, and I ask that if you agree, you do the same. The information is at Thank You.

George Dubbya should make this man his personal advisor…the only person to show any common sense since the beginning of this debacle…:7

Sherrif, Now THAT’S what I call a contradiction! Common Sense is totally and utterly incompatible with Dubbya and his gang (government, that is)! So, we can only hope that Mr. Boucher will NOT EVER become George’s advisor! :wink: