Team america issues.cant read disk?

im very new to this dvd copying buisness and seem to be going ok but team america,extras(ricky gervais)-1st series,chopper the movie seem to consistently cause problems.not sure what it is,clone cd said it could not read but dvd shrink can back it up to harddrive but no please!

We appreciate you may be new to DVD backups, but unless you communicate what the problem is more clearly, not many members are going to have an incentive to help you.

It would be better if you could separate the problems you have with the different movies, and take the time to write what has worked with each movie, and what has not.

sorry ill try to speak more clearly.ive just tried team america on nero using any dvd,it gets so far then claims that the blank dvd (4.7gb) is not large enough yet im only copying the main movie,extras has issues with memory as well but i think its got an entire series on 1 dvd and i cant seem to be able to break it down enough to copy.had read problems with both on other programs eg.dvd shrinker,clone cd,decrypteretc. hope this is enough to help,thanx

OK… let’s start right here: what do you mean by “ive just tried team america on nero using any dvd”?

if you cant help then i suggest you go be a hero elsewhere.

I can see people lining up to help you now…

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That is definately not the way to get help, and certainly not the way to speak a mod when you have only just joined the forum.

You were given the benefit of the doubt and good advice from Imkidd. More information is better than none.

Either way you’ll be lucky to get help now.

Nope sorry. IMO you asked the right question.

Lock this or this both are for the same issue. Come on ik flex your modding muscles :bigsmile:

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Thanks JayC - briefly saw it earlier but couldn’t understand it was the same issue TBH. That one now locked, nevertheless…

@ddsdavey: If your burning application (?Nero) is saying there isn’t enough space for what you’ve ripped, then you have to copy the DVD using DVD Shrink. The reduced files it puts on your hard drive should then be burned to a single-layer blank using the ‘DVD-Video’ template in Nero.

Don’t push your luck any further with the smart remarks, or you’re gone from this forum… :cop:

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion he already has. You have more patience than me, hence why I will never be a mod on any forum I am on, I am too well known fo being able to loose my temper.

I would say try clone DVD and anyDVD combination as shrink is nt being updated anymore and depending on the protection it maynot work.


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