Teacher sued for copying cd's

I just posted the article Teacher sued for copying cd’s.

A teacher of the 'Koninklijk Technisch Atheneum", a Belgian highschool got sued because he illegally copied some CDs… Although he’s been found guilty, he won’t be punished. The only thing he has…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1840-Teacher-sued-for-copying-cds.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1840-Teacher-sued-for-copying-cds.html)

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poor guy

poor guy? It’s a phuckin’ teacher. Just does him right! He shouldn’t be so stupid to get caught. :d Anyway, he paid a fine of 5000 BEF per CD, quite alot.

What did he copy? Anything good? Zero Days!!!

He copied Audio CDs Sabam/IFPI is the same as Buma/Stemra in Holland.

well its indeed stupid to persue someone that sold 40cds orso. But I think that when you copy cds to make profit out of it you deserve such punishment !give,trade,collect,download or whatever, but dont sell it ! it isnt fair, I’m happy with the warez I get/download/trade and if I want money I’ll find myself a job:)

ever notice how authorities always catch the easy ones? they always arrest/sue/etc those that can easily be found on the web. yet they don’t really do anything about the real criminals. how about catching those that mass produce pirated audio and software cds??? i mean, go to a lot of asian countries, and look around at small shops or sidewalk vendors, and what do you see? they sell pirated cds with professional looking covers and artwork!!! they look as good, if not better, than the real thing! and they sell em cheap! why don’t authorities investigate who manufactures these and stop harassing the small ones??

here’s another thing i’ve thought about. the reason that authorities and big companies aim for the common man is to scare everyone else. imagine hearing someone being sent to jail because they burned some cds and sold a few. what would you think? a lot of people would be scared to death about it and just buy the product. and what about the big pirates. the ones that manufacture cds to be sold cheaply in the streets? they’re left to the government of each country to get rid of! why? so that the companies can earn more money. government spends tax money to solve companies stolen property problems. and if the government doesn’t pull through, they’re given sanctions. this sucks. companies like in the music industry should fund governments to solve these big time pirate problems.

Hmm, could be, but what I have heard about the BOB (BSA type of people :)) are after people who have a job & copy. Not after 18-year olds who don’t have a job. I think this is a main reason why so many youth copies, it is easy money !

hehehe poor teacher… and 40 cds is really little even 140 cds is verry little…