Teach myself guitar?

For a while now I have wanted to learn acoustic guitar. I really don’t want to go to lessons, in the past I haunt enjoyed music lessons and I prefer to learn when I feel like it, not once a week at a specific time.

So really, what I want to do is to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar. Does anybody know any good ways I could find on the internet of teaching myself? Any software etc? Or any explanation how to read tabs and be able to play them.


Ben :slight_smile:

You can try here Ben :wink:

Shame you’re not in the US, Ben. I could sell you muy Charvel/Jackson electric, shielded cables, D’Addario strings and Crate 30watt amp.

Steve Vai was supposed to have come out with a some kind of “Teach Yourself Guitar” software. I also know there is other kind of guitar instructional software for the computer, but can’t vouch for how good it is. If you can find a review from Guitar World magazine on any software, it will likely be very comprehensive and give you a better idea of it would give you the level of detailed instruction you need.

In the US, they’ve really been pushing this “Esteban” and his guitar instructional package and video. They don’t offer much detail on the informercials, and none of their ‘students’ even play in their demonstrations (they don’t have their hands forming simple chords, don’t even really strum properly either–it’s quite fake). LOL

That dude is a trip! :iagree:

You might want to consider a dvd like this one.

Speaking of guitar teaching, I’m trying to teach myself at the moment and I seem to be picking up blisters everytime I try (they put me off somewhat so have only tried twice so far!) other than a plectrum is there any way to avoid this?

One of the easiest ways to learn is by simply going to guitar tab archives online and printing off tab for songs that you like, and then play along with the CD.

There are a lot of simple tabs out there that contain chords and lyrics with exactly on what fret and string to stick your fingers.

Try guitartab universe or something like it.

As to the knackered fingers bit, just keep practising as your fingers will gradually get use to the ill treatment.

i hope so, cause i’m to stupid to simply stop playing!

those blisters will go away and be part of your fingers…took me a few months to get use to the “cutting” feeling the strings do to the ends of your fingers…when i started…i got the heaviest gauge acoustic strings i could to break my fingers in…worked like a charm and 13 years later…i cant even feel the strings most of the time…they’re all nice and broke in…:slight_smile:

i’d do what dismembered ninja said and learn online…theres tons of resources…paying someone to teach you is a waste…anyone has the ability to learn on their own.

try this app below…guitar pro…have there own site where people post individuals tabs…its cool

Ben…for your sore fingers …try a product called…fast fret or finger ease…i didn’t use it…but really after about a month or so…you’ll have your fingers tough enough you won’t feel anything in the tips of your fingers…
just keep it up…you’ll be a pro in no time…guitar world.

Cheers guys, loads of helpful advice so far. I know some buy that has skin so thick on the end of his fingers it looks almost deformed, that was because he played literaly hours a day for years.

i’m learning how to play a mandolin…and the guys that are helping me…say that if your fingers are sore…skip a day in playing…but you should practice at least…30 minutes a day…other wise…

This one time, in San Francisco, I saw a girl do things with a guitar which were very amazing. :slight_smile:

Learn how to play the flute instead! :bigsmile:

Musical things?

Let’s just say that there was more hummin than strummin…


That’s nothing. Steve Vai is known for locking himself in his home studio and playing for 15-18 hours non-stop.

Otherwise, I’ve seen Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Stevie Ray Vaughn do some very difficult stuff on their guitars. Joe and Steve are among the most cutting edge (well, Vai is Satriani’s student, so he ‘cut his teeth’ with Joe) and they even have some similar licks. If you want to see some funny (and amazing) playing, see what Vai does in “Crossroads”: he appears at the end at “Jack Butler” and really buries Macchio in his closing licks (by the way, Vai could have matched Macchio’s play note per note if it hadn’t been written in the script that he wouldn’t).

I’ve been playing guitar from age 9, so thats knocking on 20 years now :o
I was classically trained, but rarely play classical music these days. I’m mainly into Satriani, Jeff Beck, and Larry Carlton.

It can be an expensive hobby though, I have amassed some 17 guitars over the years. My favorites include 2 Yamaha concert guitars and a 12 string. A Gibson SG, Fender Telecaster and Strat. An early Burns London (fully restored) but my favorite has to be my JS 1000

I agree with Nosmartz about the Guitar Pro and MySongBook.com

Go electric!! Much more variety. Distortian rules!