Teac WG58-A@832S Better than 812S

I recently saw a deal for a Teac WG58-A for 62 dollars (no tax, free shipping), so i decided to bite and buy 2, one for myself and one for my roommate.

Amazingly, the kProbe scans are AMAZING on this drive… using the same media and spindle… i would get an avg of 18 PI on the 812S using US0J firmware (the best was 8 pi using US0N, dont’ have a scan saved though), then i installed the Teac drive and flashed it to a VS0A omnipatched… and behold… under 1 Avg PI, (the same scans on my 812S). It’s odd that lite-on’s original drives are not as good at writing the same media as a rebadged Teac drive… however, all in all, lite-on is great with ricohjpnr01 discs :slight_smile: both are pretty scans… just one is amazingly pretty :iagree:

(1st is 812S. 2nd is WG58-A@832S)

Liteons writing quality has been known to vary from drive to drive. It took my 3 Liteon 812s until I found one that wrote well. :wink: Are you sure it just is not the firmware that makes the write better, and not specifically the drive?

oh definitely, i patched my 812S to a VS0A after finding this out… it actually went BAD (100-120 PI, still readable)… so i repatched the EEPROM and put VS0A again, and after it re-learned how to write my ricoh discs it went back to 18-30 PI… sometimes on a bad disc it’ll go to 50-80 PI… CMC mags work well on my 812S (8pi avg no spikes with VS0A firmware), have yet to try them on the teacs, maybe i’ll do it now…

i forgot to mention that my roommate’s Teac also writes with under 1 PI… i only have 1 812S to test from though… but judging from other ppl’s scans… it seems that the original lite ons are around that league…

here ya go, CMC Mag F01 burned at 4x :slight_smile: