Teac W552E reading problems



I have this POS since October of 2004. Used it mainly for backup purposes (recorded about 20 CD-s). For the 8 months it worked perfectly, and 2 weeks ago, for the first time, it refused to read one of my backup copies (by backup I mean backup of files form HD, not backup of orginal CD-s). Dismanteled it yesterday, laser lens was clean like whistle. Tried with firmware update (was 1.09, updated to 1.14), and screwed it up… Now, he won’t even recognize/read any backup disc, BUT reads ORGINALS at max speed?! I have about 20-30 backups, and 5 orginals. Score: 5 of 5 orginals recognized/read and 0 of 30 copies?!

And now, consequentialy, burning is fucked up too, 'cause stupid electronic POS can’t even recognise empty discs, and I can’t burn multisession discs, because it cannot detect free space on disc…

Please help me, or I’ll tear it apart, I’m getting desperate! :frowning: