TEAC W540E (1.0F) Please HELP!

Hi everyone,

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but right after I upgraded to firmware to 1.0F, I burned 2 data multi-session cds and both have the same problem. When I try to copy some of the files, back to my Hard Drive I get the following error message: cannot read from the source file or disk. What could this be, I never got this error before.

Thank you

(I use Nero and CD TDK)

Well since you posted this in the media forum, I’ll say that maybe you have some bad media.
The other option is that you have somehow messed up your multisession settings.

Hi rdgrimes,

Thank you for your reply and sorry for posting at the wrong forum.

I have tried the same thing with 4 different cds and I get the same error with all of them. I am just copying 45 compressed files (winrar), after I finish all the files are there and everything looks fine but with some of the files when I try to copy them back to my Hard Drive, I get the following error message: “The system cannot read from the specified device”

Any suggestions?:confused:

Thank you

Run the offending CDR through CDSpeed’s scandisc and quality check tests and see if the are, in fact, good discs. The files themselves could also be corrupt.

Hi rdgrimes,

Can you help me a bit, I don’t know what the offending CDR etc…is. I am kind of new in this.

Thanks again

Take the CDR which you say is not readable, and run the scandisc and quality check tests on it in CDSpeed. In scandisc, select both the file check and sector scan options.
If you don’t have CDSpeed, (Nero), you can download if for free HERE

Hi rdgrimes,

What do you think of this ???

I just decided, after destroying 5 TDK CD’s, to try a different brand name(Creation optical media). Now with the TDK, Nero automatically shows Write Speed 40x(6.000 KB/s) and with the Creation CD, Nero shows for Write Speed 32x(4.800 KB/S).
Well the Creation CD works fine !!! but Not the TDK CD.

The weird think is I have being using TDK for a while now and never had a problem before. Just the other day I upgrade the firmware of my TEAC drive to 1.0F, I wonder if that has something to do with this, but how come it works for a slower cd ?? (slower write speed)

Could something has happened with my TEAC Drive since I upgraded to 1.0F firmware and now has a problem when writes in speed of 40x?

Any ideas?


I’m still waiting for you to scan the discs for read errors, which may well answer your questions. TDK changes suppliers on their media daily, but it’s most likely CMC-made crap media.
You should never burn the media faster than it’s rated speed unless you have done error checks and are confident that the media can handle the speed in your drive. What Nero or any other software says about the max speed for the media is of little value. Sounds to me like you are seriously over-speeding the media.
Yes, changing firmware can change the way the drive handles some media.