TEAC vs. Plextor vs. Lite-On burning media

I just posted the article TEAC vs. Plextor vs. Lite-On burning media.

A couple of times now runner1000000 has done some media test with the Plextor PX-W4012A and the Lite-On LTR-40123S as reported here and here comparing how well both drives can write various media…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3624-TEAC-vs_-Plextor-vs_-Lite-On-burning-media.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/3624-TEAC-vs_-Plextor-vs_-Lite-On-burning-media.html)

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lemme say this: i value ur review, but until now i always decided myslef, or what the ppl @ the store told me (going some time now to tha same place) cauz day deal with this daily… and they told me plex 40x sux, it was the best until now, and they had no immediate replacer until -I- showed them these reviews of u ppl :slight_smile: and i’m gonna be a (guennypig? - proefkonijn) for this new TEAC, cauz i let them one order for me !!! :4 Cdfreaks rules and everybody who helpes cdfreaks in any way !!!

sorry for the typo’s… decided mysELf cauz THEY deal and the rest if there are left :c :+

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Nothing wrong with PleXtor drives, accept for the price :frowning: Liteon are very cheap around Seventy Pounds for a x24, and can burn SD2 without the need for AWS.:4 my m8 just bought a x 40, whats the F****** point in wasting money, there are no x40 cd’s, and if you tried too burn PSX, it would get major corruption of sound, and juddery graphics. I very much doubt audio cd’s would like being burnt @ 40, they may work in some drives and not othes. I very much doubt SD2 burnt @ x40 would work :8 Read the facts whats the point, it may save you a few mins, then a coaster, very nice. :4 before long you will all be buying x100 speed so you can burn in a fraction of a second, LMAO Peeps are just being pulled in for new hardware so the industry can empty yer bank account, I must have this drive etc. I can understand wanting a faster processor, a decent grapics card and faster 7200rpm harddrives :4 But with that second it took too write, what else are you going too do. You are all messed up, and obviously must be selling thousands of illegal cd’s :frowning: why not buy 3 x40 drives while you are at it. Greetz from The Diplomat :8 p.s. I am happy with a burn @ x12, takes about 6 mins for a full cd, at least it works :slight_smile: Sure I could go and buy a x40, but I have better things too spend my money on, like having my car modded so it will run alot faster than it does @ present :)! If 6 mins is too long for you to burn a cd, then I will mention once more what will you do with all those xtra mins you have saved? Burn millions more :wink: I know its called keeping up with the Jones

Did I completely miss the review for the Plextor 40x or is it just that CDFreaks hasn’t done it yet?

Did I completely miss the review for the Plextor 40x or is it just that CDFreaks hasn’t done it yet?
We haven’t done them yet and same goes for the Lite-On 40x drive.