TEAC vs. Mitsui Silver CDRs: any differences?




I see that TEAC blank CDRs are manufactured by Mitsui.

Are there any differences (other than labelling, of course) between TEAC blank CDRs and Mitsui Silver blank CDRs?

Anybody had any problems with TEAC CDRs in the past? If so, any particular model (MB and speed rating?)?

Thanks in advance!


Mitsui is a good brand so I doubt you’ll have any problems


Are all TEAC CDRs manufactured by Mitsui? If so, does Mitsui use the same level of quality control on the TEAC branded CDRs as it does for it’s own discs?


If only ALL TEAC CD-R’s are made by Mitsui…all the ones in Australia seem to be made by the dreaded CMC Magnetics Corporation! :Z


You are lucky if you still find Teac made by Mitsui -Japan discs.
Excellent CDRS !!! —In Europe i think are not available any more…