Teac to liteon confirmation procedure

On the forum I have seen that some people give sometimes, links where we can download lntflash.

But All the links are died and the only worked links is :

But this time there is a password :frowning:

Is there any location where I can download this utility ?

Also …

I have a teac DV-W58G and I want to flash it with the lastest liteon firmware.
For summerise:
I read the differents post and finaly I understand that I must do that (is someone can comfirm that beacause sometime I don’t understand the full meaning of some sentences):

  • backup firmware and eeprom of my Teac recorder
  • Flash the teac whith the liteon 811s firmware (posts are not updated, speak about HS0K but now there is HS0Q can I use it ? The eeprom don’t change no ? We make a eeprom backup for nothing no ?

Sorry for my very very very ba english ! french is my native language :wink:

greats thanks

give me your mail ad and ill mail it to you

You can get it from here http://www.speedlabs.org/files/?PHPSESSID=ba6fcaabb947d33dd744ff36b2869686

ok. no need for me to send then

There is no need to back up the EEPROM, as it does’t change. It’s best to not mess with that part of the drive at all if it is not necessary, and it is not necessary in this particular case (Teac -> LiteOn).

Just load a firmware either by using a FlashFixed flasher or using LtnFW to load a binary firmware.