Teac ,sony firmware dma

i have a teac dvd-rom dv-516d and i update the firmware from dangerous brothers . i think that is the problem why the dma is not enabled . i have try everything ,what can i do ? another firmware ?

i have a sony cd-rw crx230ed . i hear that my sony is a lite-on ?
what firmware version can i apply ? the dma is disable because there is nothing that i can do .burning will be slower with dma off ?


The DMA setting is not related to the drive’s firmware, though DMA might remain disabled after a firmware update. To fix this, uninstall everything you see under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers in Device Manager then restart your computer.

nothing … i have try everything that found on internet but the dvd and cd-rw drivers are in pio mode . only a program called pushdma is working but whem i use it the udma of hard disk from 5 is going to 2 .is an old program .

Remove VIA or nVidia IDE drivers or Intel Application Accelerator if you have them installed.

nothing …