Teac R58S



I’ve looked around and I’ve read that the Teac R58S is a good recorder that can read cd’s with errors and can backup cd’s that are protected with safedisc or securerom w/o having to use cracks.

Unfortanately, I’ve been unable to backup most cd’s that are protected by safedisc or securerom w/o using a crack.

For example, I used Nero to make an image of AOE2. I read at 1x, with settings of ignore errors, and non-RAW. After I made the image and extracted the audio files, I burnt it back in mixed mode at 2x. I was able to install the game, but it asked me for the original cd to play the game. I used the crack from gamecopyworld to get around this, but my question is, is there a way to copy these games w/o using cracks on the R58S? I know that CloneCD can do it, but CloneCD doesn’t support the R58S as it doesn’t support RAW mode.

What other copy software have others used with the R58S to make exact 1 : 1 copies and have been able to burn it back to the cd w/o having to use cracks?




That’s right.
I also have a teac recorder and i can make copy’s from cd’s with safedisc (not with securom) i made all my cd copys with nero 4075 and all my cd’s are working…
Maybe your scsi card is not good installed, that good be a option…

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Greetz madmax


How can make protected copies with nero 4075 with a teac r85s (witch settings) nero 4075 also seems to have a reading problem it read very slow