Teac P-55 Not printing on the disc

I bought a Teac P-55 in April (used of course). Finally got it working great by using an older laptop running Windows XP.
I had to change the ribbon for the first time (I had already changed the transfer ribbon and that went fine). The first ribbon I put in gave me an error message “wrong ribbon set”. I double checked and both the transfer ribbon and the ink ribbon were “color” but I couldn’t get the error to clear and I figured since these came with the machine maybe they were too old. I had a set of photo ribbon here so I changed out both the ink and the transfer ribbon to “photo”. I got it to print - went through the whole cycle of “printing black, printing magenta, etc” and the arm took the disc out but the disc has no ink on it.

The transfer ribbon has the image on it - is it supposed to? With the color transfer ribbon it didn’t. I have re-read the instructions on how to change the ribbon a dozen times and had someone else look at it too in case there was something I was missing but I can’t figure it out.

The one thing I was 99% sure about is that the empty ink that I took out had the intake spool and the ink spool reversed from what the directions said it should be. I did try to re-install it that way, but then I get the “wrong ribbon set” error message again.
I’m hoping someone knows the answer/solution!

I just wanted to let you know I discovered the problem. I did a test print without using the duplication process (using just the printer) and it printed fine so the problem was how I had the PRN file configured.