I have a Toshiba drive and I’m very satisfied
It works perfectly with clonecd and …


Getting ready to replace my CD reader with either of these two, Both the Teac and Toshiba brands read sub channel data, and come highly recomended. Just wondering if anyone had imput that would make one a better choice over the other?


I would go with the Teac Drive. If it is
half as good as my Teac burner then that
one is everything you need. Of course I’m
speaking based on my own experience and I
don’t know anything about Toshiba but Teac
is good…very good…


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Go with the Toshiba. Better quality.


My CDROM just quit. This one made it almost 3 months past the warranty period. This time I better buy a good quality reader instead of a cheap one. At least my last cheap reader broke down while it was still under warranty. What is the model number of the toshiba CD reader that you guys are talking about.

Thanks in advance.


Toshiba XM-6702B (48X) or XM-6602B (40X)
They run around $50 to $60 but well worth it.


I have the XM-6702B (48X) and am more than satisfied. It works Flawlessly with CloneCD, and is much more quiet than most CDROMs of that speed.