Teac forum needed



Do you agree ? Teac surely has some really good production. If mitsumi has it's forum, teac should have it without a doubt.


If there is more demand I’m sure it could be arranged… :wink:


Ya, add a Teac forum


I think there is to few Questions about TEAC drives, and we would need a TEAC expert to moderate such a forum…

So for now, feel free to ask TEAC questions in the general hardware forum :wink:


Do you know anyone who could become the moderator of teac forum ? I’m new in this place, and the first thing I missed is teac forum. It seem’s strange to me that there are only two members who want this forum(yet two). Latest teac cd-w540e is really great. I think that there are more teac users in whole club, but as I noticed “CD Freaks forum talk” is not very popular and many users just don’t know about this thread. I believe there are many teac owners in audio related forum, but these people don’t visit this forum very often and they can’t post a reply saying that they want this forum. If you don’t know who could be the moderator, you could create a forum
with a temporarily moderator just to keep everything in peace. I’m sure forum could run without a moderator for a while. People could help each other. Later you could organise some sort of elections to become the moderator. People in the forum could cast their votes for the person which they think could be the moderator.


I also think there would be enough Teac users to make a dedicated Teac forum. However there seem to be not many questions about Teac drives and opening a Teac Forum would probably result in a very inactive forum, which is not prefered by us.

Teac users can currently post in the General hardware forum, and if there are dozes of Teac posts, we will open a special Teac forum. Your suggestion is good, but doesn’t fit in our current policy. Mind that there are probably also a lot of Yamaha, Benq etc users. The current Mitsumi is currently also subject to discussion as it is not very active…