Teac dvd+rw dv_w58e will not recognise any dvd-r? please help

Problem is:
drive will not read or write or even recognize any dvd-r placed into it

Drive is Teac dvd+rw dv-w58e
os is winxp home 5.01.2600
program being used is
nero version 6.3.1
running on a dell home pc package

Any time a blank dvd-r is placed into the drive after a burn (or at any stage.)it simply doesn’t recognize it and the message “please insert a blank dvd” remains on screen.
Also it doesn’t read any blanks placed in the drive. Have successfully written onto blank cdr/rw’s and a dvd+r/rw both pc and dvd backups with good results. If a dvd-r is placed in the drive with data on it the computer crashes back to the blue screen or simply freezes as it tries to read the
dvd-r. have tried multiple brands always the same result. tried to update drivers but unable to find any even on the dell support site.Any help appreciated.

because its a DVD+RW drive, notice the +, i have the same drive

I think this may have already been addressed…but… The problem is that the TEAC DV-W58E drive specifically CANNOT burn to DVR-R media. Only DVD+R media (and the associated +RW media).

Go out and get some DVD+R media and you should have no problems. My DV-W58E drive works great.