Hi As this is my first post about burners please bear with me, my dell 8300 pc came with a TEAC DV-W58E DVD+R/RW player/recorder, no real probs with it a few teething probs with burns untill i found what DVD media it preferd but i have noticed in other threads to make sure that you have the latest firmware i have looked at the teac website and my make is not listed so i sent an email to thier support team, the response was they could not help me as this was an issue for dell as they had put the pc together. I sent anemail to dell but still had no resonse from them, i have noticed in an earlier thread [posted below] some one allso had a similer prob. Thanks for any help guys. :slight_smile:

teac dv-w516ga

I’ve recently bought a teac dv-w516ga recorder. To my surprise I can’t find this product in their official site(I find only w516g or w516gb).I don’t know if there is any difference between them , but need to in order to check if there is any firmware update. So I’m looking forward to be informed the differences between those models and which firmware is suitable for mine.Does anyone know anything about it?
Thanks in advance …


Your drive should not be confused with the w516ga which is a Liteon OEM drive. I’m not sure what hardware you drive is based on but it’s not Liteon. The latest Dell firmware for your drive (D0N) can be found in [thread=123396]this thread[/thread].