Teac DV-W58G Data Verify In nero keeps failing

I recenlty bought a Teac DV-W58G DVD± Recorder
I tried burning in sentinel, that’s write, tdk and philips dvd+r and dvd-r discs… in speeds 2x 2.4x and 4x and 7 discs out of 10 ( at average ) failed nero’s data verification check.
I tried copying the data from the dvd and that gives me a
Data error (Cyclic Redundancy check ) for some of the files.
I have nero 6 ( latest version ) and there is no newer firmware for the drive. Is it defective media? Is it a defective drive? What should I do? Which media should I use?

i have the same problem with an NEC 2500 but, I can copy the data back form DVD to the harddisk without error.

very strange…

I returned my Teac DV-W58G since gave me exact problems u have. This was on high quality media!
Tomorrow i get a nec 2500 as replacement.
btw, Teac DV-W58G is a liteon 811S with an old firmware.

The recorder after a big trial and an error work worked with philips dvd+r at 4x… 100% success even though they are not officially supported by teac. Do you think that using another manufacter’s firmware will solve the problem?

Have a read of this thread. One of the admins posts that Nero’s verify feature can be unreliable, and I agree with him.