Teac DV-W58E Dual layer firmware?



TEAC DV-W58E suppose has Dual layer function… after download from DELL website “DCOJ” … there are not able write DUAL LAYER . :sad:

who have 2.0B firmware ?


Really? I have a DV-W58E and I periodically check the TEAC website and there’s no mention of a fireware update. I have D.0C firmware and that’s what came with the drive when I bought the computer from Dell about a year ago.

As you mentioned Dell, it got me thinking…I went to Dell’s website in the event that they had their own special firmware. Nope. What is “DCOJ”? And do you know of any more updated firmware for the DV-W58E than D.0C?



Dell has a D.0N firmware available at here (http) or here (ftp)