Teac Dv-w516ga



Hello . about 2 months ago i flashed my TEAC with the newest firmware available (C4S6) because i had a cd that i coudn’t read . Today i reinstalled my Windows (xp sp2) and i found out that i couldn’t read the driver cd-s (motherboard , etc) . So i read some of the posts on this forum and found out that there are newer firmwares from Lite-On . I installed CS0K and i couldn’t read ANY cd-s . After that i installed CS0P , same result , and after that CSTR(reads some of my cd-s ) . I now want to get to stock firmware (C4S2), or to install the best one available , but 1.) my drive is now Lite-On DVDRW SOHW-1653S so , i can’t get anything else but Lite-On . I found out that there’s a program named FlashFix , but i can’t enter the site (digi.rpc1.org/flashfix.htm) , so if someone can attach it here . 2.)
I can’t get any firmwares because the site doesn’t open . If someone can get me the files and programs i need and attach them here , and make me a short guide i would be very gratefull . Sorry if my english is bad , and sorry for the repeats .Thanks in andvance .