TEAC DV-W516GA failing to write DVDs

Lately I’m having problems writing DVDs in Nero with my TEAC writer -> I’ve read that the DV-W516GA is just a LiteOn rebadged, and so I’ve decided to post my problem here :slight_smile: I hope no one gets mad at me…

The FW for the drive is the original one -> C4S2.

The last DVD I have attempted to burn was a Benq 8x DVD+R (Daxon AZ2) and the FW supports it, there were absolutely NO errors (even verified the data) but the disc is not recognized in Explorer/Total Commander, etc. IsoBuster and Nero, however, report the track correctly. In the drive’s media list of compatible discs, Daxon AZ2 has a supported speed of 6X, but I’ve used 4X (if the media is supported only at 6X, why does Nero enable 4X also?).

This morning I’ve tried with 3 FUJIFILM 03 (some Phillips DVD-R 1X-8X) and there were write errors-> at 4X it wrote the whole DVD, but with session fixation error, at 6X there was a write error at ~20%, and at 8X the write error appeared in the first minute. This is also what happened with half of a cakebox of Traxdata 1x-8x DVD-R (RITEKG05, if I remember right), and 4 Memorex (CMC MA-G.AE1) -> the 5th managed to get written, but there were several data verification errors.

Also, this cannot be a software problem, because I’ve written some eProformance DVD-R successfully, after trashing those Traxdata. I have written FUJIFILM 03 before, without any errors, but the DVDs were from Imation. Also, with TDK and eProformance I’ve never experienced something like this. Too bad I can’t find any of them in cakebox package…

Will a FW update help me, or I shouldn’t even bother with that? (probably I need to get the one from LiteOn 1653 -> CSTR). Also, if you need more info about system specs/anything else, ask away.