TEAC DV-W516E automatically change DVD+R to DVD-ROM?



Hi guys,

I have a TEAC DV-W516E with the latest firmware (1.0F I believe). What I’d like to know is: can this drive change DVD+R SL media into DVD-ROM?


I might as well answer this myself: according to TEAC’s site, the feature is already implemented since 1.07 firmware update.

Sorry for the post, guys, I guess I only look for confirmation regarding the statement…


Did you ever look at the booktype after burning a +R SL disc? No need to be sorry. I don’t think many people have that drive.


I always bought DVD-R, since it is more compatible with older player. But now, after hearing that DVD+R (SL and DL) can be changed into DVD-ROM, I thought I’d give it a try, probably grabbing some Verbatim’s +R SL and DL and give it a shot with my drives (TEAC DV-W516E and Pioneer A12FX)

Hopefully it’ll work :slight_smile: