Teac Dv-w516d

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Is anyone familiar with the above mentioned drive? Specs here:


It is different to the 516G which is a Liteon 1633S, as it writes DL 4x


Seems like a rebadged Pioneer, anyone knows for sure?

Definitely seems like it matches Pioneer 108 specs. 32X CD-R write.

I ll be having one right here in a few days, any way i can make sure if its a rebadged pioneer, by opening it / chipset wise?

I ll be posting some pics.

In Teacs site they have nothing about it apart from the specs, no datasheet/manuals and no firmware releases. Maybe i’ll figure something out from the firmware it is shipped with.

It’s a Pioneer for sure and you should have no problems to see that when you get it as it most likely will have the same look as a standard DVR-108 (but with a TEAC logo).

It’ll surely be a Pioneer.

You can verify this by trying DVRFlash on the drive. Just use the verbose command to show you the drive information. “dvrflash -v X:”

You can verify this by trying DVRFlash on the drive. Just use the verbose command to show you the drive information. “dvrflash -v X:”
Cool Dave i will :slight_smile:

Will post some pics and let you know about it when i get my hands on it.

Took a few pics of the internals take a look:

Its using the Nec D63635GM chipset - sounds familiar? :wink:

Yeah, so, Pioneer… Can you post the DVRFlash -v info please?

I get an error while executing dvr flash that is related to a SP1 bug with some applications. I’ll have to fix that first and then i will post the results - sorry dave.

NP, IAA and nForce IDE drivers and VIA IDE drivers are common “problem causers”

All partions/drives are in ntfs so i cant run from dos. Tried the command prompt but get this error which is definetely related to SP1 as i get it with other 16bit apps. I will resolve it and post the results as soon as possible.

I was suprised to see that it writes TYT01 only 4x, TYG01 only 4x.

TYG02 burn at 12x only (no other media burns beyond that) while only TYT02 burns at 16x [edit:not 12x as mentioned before] with a variety of other +R media burns at 12x.

Will post some pics later on. This is a very good burn with some Fujifilm ProdiscS03 media (my 2510 produces burns of less quality with these media)

Hmm, you should be using DVRFlash 2.0 for Win32: http://forum.rpc1.org/viewtopic.php?p=129219#129219

You don’t have to use DVRFlash in DOS, it’s available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux in addition to DOS.

thanx dave you were right i missed the windows version (i did find the mac version though).

Here you go - its pioneer alright :slight_smile:

Gorgeous :wink:

It’s amazing how much the photos look like the inside of the NEC 3500. :eek:

I get mixed feeling about this drive. It writes medium quality media just fine but sometimes it produces bad quality burns with good media like TY. I will post some pics after i get some sleep to let me know what you think about it.

Plus it doesnt support bitsetting. As far as i remember the Pioneer does support it right? I see no indication in Nero or any other software that i can change the booktype with the DV-W516D.

The Pioneer DVR-108 only supports bitsetting for DVD+R DL discs, and you cannot change the setting at all.

So it changes it automatically itself - you dont have to set it yourself.


I guess it does

For more scans you can check out the pages below - the text is in greek but you will get the picture.

DVD+R Tests: http://www.pctechnology.gr/vbull/vb/article.php?a=40
DVD-R Tests: http://www.pctechnology.gr/vbull/vb/article.php?a=39
DVD+R 9 Double Layer Tests: http://www.pctechnology.gr/vbull/vb/article.php?a=38

My impression of the drive is somewhat bizarre. Yes its a Pioneer alright, but with different fw which somewhat differentiates it. I got bad scans/burns on TY media, but on crappy media i got excellent results. The DL media scans were very good, which was a pleasant surprise i guess.

I ll post some new scans here directly when i get some free time :slight_smile: