TEAC DV-W512G problems



Hello everybody , I’m new to this forum ,but I’ve been reading as a guest for around a year and it’s been tremendously helpful.The problem at hand is:
4 months ago I bought a TEAC DV-W512G burner (it’s a rebranded liteon 1213s),went on reflashing it to a sohw 1653s cs09 patched -crossflashing using codeguys windows version firmware.It worked like a charm for 3 months and then all of a sudden it stopped reading media altogether! I thought ,what the …,'cause it wasn’t reading or writing heavily all that time (I probably burned 20 dvds) so I reflashed it -same firmware- and it got back again…,for about a week. To make a long story short I’ve done this 3 times,all successfully,but at this rate I’ll burn the eeprom in a while,so, what goes?
Is the byrner slowly dying or is it something else I’m missing? Before posting I’ve read and followed about every thread I could find trying to troubleshoot , but to no avail . To make things worse though, I “misplaced”(actually my son deleted) the original firmware so I can’t even see if reverting it to a TEAC will help or not. Any suggestions ???
Oh, in a thread by Cyrom dated 18-07-2004 I read that he had backed up and sent to code 65536 the original firmware of the TEAC , so if it still exists could either be kind enough to send it to me? I don’t know if I should contact them directly ,or if I’m allowed to do so at this point.
Sorry if I tired anybody and thanks in advance

Forgot to mention that I have 2 more same dvdr’s that are in other machines and are working fine,have also switched around but the “bad” one never reads w/out the reflashing , no matter where I put it.