Teac DV-W512G -- Lite-On?

Hello can anyone told me if the Teac DV-W512G is an Lite-On.

I search in Google, Bulletins etc… but the only thing i find is where to buy it.

Can someone help me, please. :confused:

Can’t say I’ve heard of this drive before. The W58G and W58G-A were Liteys. Dunno about the W512G. From the name, I take it that it’s a 12x drive?

According to the specs on the website, I think that it might be a LiteOn due to its short length. But websites can be wrong. The only way to be sure is to check the firmware. Use Nero InfoTool to check the firmware version. If it starts with a ‘T’, then it’s most likely a rebadged 1213S. If that is the case, could you make a backup of this firmware and send it to me? :wink:

Hy thank you for the awnser,

Yes i checked the Firmware it starts with T :slight_smile:

Firmware is T4S5 ( 07.06.2004 17.29 )

Check your mail :iagree:

Hope you can tell me what kind of Lite-on i have .


Yep, it’s a rebranded 1213S, all right. Thanks for the firmware! :slight_smile:

What’s the date on the FW?

2004/06/07 17:29

That’s about the same as the others, isn’t it?

Thank you for your help.

Make it sense to put an Lite-on firmware on it ?

is there any interesting about the 1213s like patch to DL ? :confused:

Not yet…