Teac dv w28s rt



I am looking for information about the TEAC DV W28S RT,
Quality of the drive
and Firmware Infos?
Is it original TEAC
or the same design from another manufacturer?

Can help me?


According to the Accuraterip database it has a read offset of +48, so it is (almost certainly) based on an NEC chip. That rules out many possibilities, so the most likely candidates are (in no particular order) a rebadged Pioneer or true Optiarc (IIRC, all the QSI ones are Mediatek), or an original Teac.

Can the drive scan? And does CD-DVD Speed give a choice of DVD scanning interval? (1ECC & 8ECC)

(You might need to check the registry to ensure the drive isn’t blocked from scanning by CD-DVD Speed - see the Samsung FAQ for instructions.)


Thank you for the info.
I will test it…